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April Newsletter

Tointon students looking at an animal skull provided by the PLC

April's Exciting Expedition

April's Exciting Expedition 


Hello from the Poudre Learning Center! We're bursting with excitement as we kick off the month of April by celebrating our collaboration with 10 diverse schools spanning from Wellington, CO, to Wray, CO! From the foothills to the plains, our reach has extended far and wide, bringing the wonders of nature and hands-on learning experiences to students across our beautiful state. As we eagerly embark on this journey together, we're thrilled to witness the boundless curiosity and enthusiasm that each school community brings to our programs. Join us as we continue to foster a love for exploration and discovery, bridging communities and empowering young minds one adventure at a time! 



Celebrating Earth Day 


As April unfolds and the world prepares to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, we invite you to join us in honoring our precious planet and all its wonders. But our festivities don't stop there! On April 27th, mark your calendars as we take part in the Earth Day Fair at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greeley, a vibrant gathering dedicated to environmental stewardship and community engagement.


At the heart of our mission lies a deep-rooted commitment to environmental education and conservation. We're thrilled to participate in this inspiring event, where we'll share our passion for sustainability and celebrate the wonders of our natural world with fellow enthusiasts, families, and friends.


From interactive exhibits to engaging workshops, the Earth Day Fair promises a day filled with discovery and delight for all ages. Explore our booth and embark on a journey of exploration as we showcase the importance of environmental awareness and the impact of hands-on learning experiences.


Together, let's sow the seeds of environmental consciousness and nurture a brighter, greener future for generations to come. Join us at the Earth Day Fair as we come together to celebrate the beauty of our planet and inspire positive change within our community and beyond.






Splash of Inspiration Challenge 


Calling all budding artists and environmental enthusiasts! Have you heard about the Well Watch Splash of Inspiration Challenge? If not, here's your chance to learn all about it!


The Well Watch Splash of Inspiration Challenge is an exciting initiative aimed at celebrating our local water resources through creative expression. Students from participating classrooms have been invited to unleash their artistic talents and share their unique perspectives on the importance of water conservation and stewardship.


The challenge is currently underway, and we're thrilled to see the incredible engagement from classrooms across our community. As April progresses, we want to remind everyone that the challenge is still ongoing, with the submission deadline approaching on April 5th. Winning classes will be notified by April 9th, so be sure to stay tuned for updates!


We're eagerly anticipating the final artworks and can't wait to see how our students have captured the essence of our local water resources in their creations. Together, let's continue to inspire a deeper appreciation for our environment and the vital role that water plays in sustaining life.






Witness the Spectacle of the April 8th, 2024 Solar Eclipse! 



Excitement is building as we prepare to witness a remarkable celestial event on April 8th, 2024 – a solar eclipse! While the entirety of Colorado won't experience totality, we're still in for a treat as a significant portion of the sun will be obscured by the moon's shadow.


In Colorado, we'll be treated to a partial solar eclipse, offering a mesmerizing display of nature's wonders. During the peak of the eclipse, observers across the state will have the opportunity to witness a portion of the sun being covered by the moon, creating a captivating celestial sight.


While totality will not be visible from our region, the partial eclipse still promises to be an awe-inspiring experience for all who observe it. So, mark your calendars and make plans to join us as we gather to witness this extraordinary event.


Safety reminder: It's crucial to observe the eclipse safely by using proper eye protection or viewing devices. Never look directly at the sun without adequate protection to prevent eye damage.


As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of April 8th, let's come together as a community to celebrate the beauty and wonder of the universe. Share your eclipse viewing plans and experiences with us – we can't wait to hear from you!






Happy Eid al-Fitr! 


Warm wishes to all celebrating Eid al-Fitr on April 10th! As Ramadan draws to a close, we join in honoring this joyous occasion of renewal and gratitude. May this special day bring peace, happiness, and unity to all. 





 Academic Adventures Unfolded 



In-Field & Classroom Experiences 

Lessons this month include: Plant Life Cycle, Watershed Modeling, Live Animals, Web of Life, Outdoor Skills, Pollinators, Trees as Habitat, Fossil Exploration, Birds, Engineering a Bird Nest, Biodiversity, Plant & Animal Adaptations, Weather, Edible & Medicinal Plants


  • Centennial K-5 Elementary 2nd Grade
  • Wray Elementary School 5th Grade
  • Scott Elementary School 3rd Grade
  • Wellington Middle-High School
  • S. Christa McAuliffe STEM Academy 2nd Grade
  • Jackson Elementary School 2nd Grade
  • Fred Tjardes School of Innovation
  • S. Christa McAuliffe STEM Academy 1st Grade
  • Scott Elementary School 1st Grade
  • S. Christa McAuliffe STEM Academy 7th & 8th Grade
  • Timnath Elementary School 1st Grade
  • Mountain View Elementary School 3rd Grade
  • North Valley Middle School 6th Grade



Well Watch 


  • Water Wall - S. Christa McAuliffe STEM Academy 5th Grade
  • Rocks Beneath Us - S. Christa McAuliffe STEM Academy 3rd Grade


 Caring For Our Watersheds 


At the PLC, we're buzzing with excitement as we delve into the implementation of the Caring For Our Watersheds' 2024 Program! Get ready to mark your calendars for May 10th, 2024, because we're thrilled to invite you to the highly anticipated CFW Presentations.

This event promises a captivating showcase of students' innovative projects, all aimed at safeguarding our invaluable environment. While the first two sessions are open to the public, featuring student presentations and engaging posterboard sessions, there's even more in store.

Join us as we celebrate the dedication and ingenuity of our young environmental champions. It's an event you won't want to miss!



Thank You for Making a Difference: Supporting the PLC  


At the PLC, we're grateful for the incredible support we receive from our community partners. Your dedication to our shared goals of environmental education and conservation is truly commendable. Whether you've volunteered your time, made a donation, or simply spread the word about our programs, your contributions make a difference. As we continue to grow and evolve, we invite you to consider how you can further support our efforts – whether through volunteering, donating, or attending our upcoming events. Together, we can nurture a love of learning and nature in our community for generations to come.